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  1. Anonymous

    Always remember Lucy the conductress, she was a
    glamour puss but she hated us kids that got on the Culross or Crombie bus at Crossford and Cairneyhill school.

  2. Anonymous

    Wow, brought back happy memories, I loved the “old” Dunfermline, not sure all the changes are for the best if I am honest. Not been “home ” for a few hrs but last time I hardly recognised the “toon”

  3. Anonymous

    Liked ✅and also shared ✅. My husband is Dunfermline born and bred but I’m really a newcomer and I’d love to learn more about life here in the past. Thanks for the opportunity to win these tickets.

  4. Anonymous

    Liked and shared. Was born in the old Mattie in Dunfermline in 1942 then my children were born there in 1968 & 1971. When I was there in ’68 I was in same ward my mother was in when she had me. Thank you for chance to win this Fab journey down memory lane.

  5. Anonymous

    Liked & Shared my husband being born bred in Fife would like this . I be interested to see it as of old days looks so much better than it is today , Or should I say a lot more life about it in the clips .

  6. Anonymous

    Brought up in wellwood wish I had a few more memories . Gran lived there all her life in canmore terrace.
    Still miss my pal Kevin drysdale who passed when I was young. X

  7. Anonymous

    Top of the New Row. Reminds me of story:

    My parents owned the Auld Toll Tavern. One Sunday afternoon I’m behind the bar and the tv is showing a Formula One race. Along with a few punters I hear Murray Walker’s famous voice telling us that Nigel Mansell is doing one hundred and eighty five miles per hour down the back straight.

    On hearing this, one of the punters pipes up with ‘A hunner an’ eighty five? Acht, that’s no’ fast at aw!’

    Naturally, we enquire as to how said punter (Johnny Welsh, if anyone remembers him) is going to elaborate his point, which of course he does.

    ‘Well,’ he says. ‘Last Thursday efternin ah came oot the East Port Bar. Ah tripped ower a loose pavin’ stane at the tap ay the hill an’ started intae a drunken run.’

    ‘Ah did two hunner an’ ten comin’ doon the NewRae!’

    (Wait for it)

    ‘And then ah went aw the wey doon an’ didnae stop until ah went right shroo the windae ay th’ Elga Aquarium!’

    Ironically enough, the window of the Elga Aquarium had indeed been ‘panned’ and was boarded up at the time. As brilliant though it would have been, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t as a result of Johnny’s epic sprint.

  8. Anonymous

    Lovely memories my gran lived in Rosyth and she used to take me shopping in Dunfermline. A real treat was sitting upstairs on the double decker bus, great times.

  9. Anonymous

    Liked and shared. I was born in the auld Maternity hospital as was all of my 3 kids. I remember most of the film but there’s so much changed, I don’t know if it’s for the better to be honest! x

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