Photograph of flats in Trondheim Parkway in Abbey View.

Photograph of flats in Trondheim Parkway in Abbey View which have now been demolished.



24 thoughts on “Photograph of flats in Trondheim Parkway in Abbey View.

  1. John Cumming

    This picture shows the south side of Trondheim parkway. I remember these flats being built by local builder J Colville. We stayed on the north side in the flats built by Wimpey. Moved in 1959 into no 99. Later in 1966 moved across the road to no 108. Remember when it was all just fields no Inchkeith dr,Mackie pl or Drum rd.

  2. Loraine Nairn Clark

    I used to live down the bottom of Trondheim at the Woodmill Rd junction, think my mum and dad were the first tenants in 171. We moved out and back to Blairhall in May 1961 after 18mths there. Then many years later I lived in 208 Allen Crescent for 6 years til 1997

  3. Anne Wilson

    I lived in no 31 and moved out in 1978. Saw a comment that said they were horrible. When we stayed there they weren’t. Good sized rooms and a lot bigger than some houses today. Some really good memories Laura Wemyss eh? Xx

  4. Frank Gibson

    I lived in Islay Road when Trondheim Parkway was built. My childhood recollection is of a big fuss getting made when the street was opened by the Mayor of Trondheim. I may be completely wrong in that! My memory is of the opening happening at the junction with Allan and Duncan Crescent. Back then we used to walk the woods where Dulloch Park is now and I remember family picnics there.

  5. Ronnie Hunt

    Wendy Kelso stayed in the bottom flat on the right hand side as you look at the first one, Lynne Nadine Strachan stayed on the left side of the road at the other end Gail Dowsett we stayed round the corner from Lynne

  6. Carol Beasley

    When they maisonettes first went up it was hard working people that lived there. They actually were sought after with the under floor heating. Lol
    Yes away in the 90s the usual happened. They started housing outsiders and it all went to pot.

  7. Sheila Adams

    I moved into the marionette many years ago with my 2 kids , we lived at number 38 the big flats got into a mess due to neglect. The place had plenty of room and good central heating.xx

  8. Margaret Livingstone

    It should be remembered that the new development, which featured trend-setting underfloor electric central heating, was widely regarded as a showpiece. It attracted wide media plaudits, including rave reviews in the Press of Dunfermline’s Norwegian twin town, after which the street was named. My Family was proud to receive the keys of one of the brand new maisonettes and lived happily there for seven years

  9. Jackie Elwin

    that is the exact spot that a Hotpoint van knocked me down. I was coming back from a fancy dress party dressed as Little Miss Moffet and I ran in front of the bus to cross the road. I remember mum picking out the gravel from my leg with tweezers and painting Eosin on me which stung like hell.

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