This part of Pilmuir Street was originally called Bath Street because the baths …

This part of Pilmuir Street was originally called Bath Street because the baths which Andrew Carnegie had gifted to Dunfermline were there on the corner where Sinky’s pub is now. The majority of buildings in this photograph taken around 1971 are still there and the view doesn’t look much different despite the passage of almost 45 years. The Bath Tavern is now called Coady’s. The sweet shop, Archibald’s, is long gone and is now a newsagents’ shop. The bus was on the town route to Beatty Place.



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  1. Anonymous

    My faither worked for Will Archibald in the 40’s I spent a lot o Sunday morning’s there while my faither used tae clean oot the pipes ,was a famous bar for the the tiffiies , just across fae the Ballroom ,remember Cherry ? The hostess ? And the wee sweetie shop sold the best sherbet it was hard as brick’s Yi had tae sook it , wull Archibald lived in Halbeath and when my faither ,Wull and me were on the bus ( upstair’s cause they smoked ) he used tae look at the moon and call it Paddy’s Lantern ,he was a big man wi a big heart

  2. Anonymous

    I remember drinking snakebites in the Bellville…I was not 18 – and going afterwards to a party in Dollytown in Rosyth. The house we were in was due to be demolished, and the people had already moved out…it was the boy whose mum and dad had been the tenants who was having the patrty. It was bitterly cold, and the boys tore up the floorboards and burt them on the fire!

  3. Anonymous

    I remember after swimming at Carnegie Baths going and getting penny fantas, broken biscuits from Woolies(if you got chocolates ones you thought it was your birthday!) and cut fruit from fruit and veg shop which I cant remember.I used to think Dunfermline was the best place in the world! Started going to Belleville when older..memories to cherish…….

  4. Anonymous

    Used to go to the baths with queen Ann school was terrible remembering how the instructors tried to teach you how to swim they would push you in one would have a long pole with a hook on it to grab you swim suit if you were going down to many times the only good thing was getting a cup of hot orange juice I forgot we also walked there this wasn’t a good memory loved playing hockey though

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