This photograph shows the junction of the High Street, Guildhall Street and Cros…

This photograph shows the junction of the High Street, Guildhall Street and Cross Wynd. The Woolworth store just past the junction on the right seems to be the main attraction on this wet day in the early 1950’s. The sign post on the lamp post towards the toilets in Queen Anne Street has the quaint description of them as ‘Toilet Rooms’. As can be seen on the photograph there was two-way traffic on the High Street at that time.



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  1. Anonymous

    I remember going up the street on a bus past woolies and couldnt read the huge woolworths sign, so got hauled to opticians for my first pair of specs. Headed to woolies, up the escalators, oh the pull of broken caramel coated biscuits!, anyway, got to the top of escalators and wow! , there was a back wall, there was advertising, i could read it……
    My dad worked in Hepworths for years, the centre of the world!! Would walk down the street with my dad(johnny)and it seemed like everyone in the world knew and greeted him!

  2. Anonymous

    I spent every Saturday pm attending the Carnegie swimming pool in scoutmaster Joe Lindsay suggested I do so in order to earn
    my Second Class badge and later my First Class Scout badge ….no one taught me ,I had to persevere and succeed
    My memory tells me that from 1948 to 1952 only Dunfermline had heated baths during the Winter ….in the summer there was Burntisland Pool and ,of course ,the River Forth
    When in Dunfermline ,as a young teenager , I did regularly visit its High Street and remember it well.
    As an older teenager my friends and I went dancing to ” Dunfermline Palais ,Kirkcaldy Burma ,Cowdenbeath Palais,and Kirkcaldy Ice Rink ,… one had a car but bus travel got us everywhere.
    What is tragic today is the destruction of the Old Dunfermline ,so familiar ,loved and remembered by all older people !!! I visited Dunfermline many times from 2004 to 2008 when I returned to reside in Fife ….I abhorred the loss of lovely ,historical buildings in Central Dunfermline by faceless,horrible concrete structures ?!!!???

  3. Anonymous

    I remember that. Walked with Nan every Sunday to Church. Often went to gym at the Carnegie Baths and started swimming there from the age of four. Left Dunfermline in 1949. Often walked from Milesmark to Hospital Hill. In ways very different from now and yet so much the same. Remember going to the auctions with my dad.

  4. Anonymous

    When Woolies closed in 1984, I think that was the beginning of the end of the busy times on the High Street. The Kingsgate was to open the following year. I worked in Woolis as a Saturday boy from 1969 until 1972, and then as a Management Trainee. I have lots of happy memories of that particular branch. Just out of shot on the right hand side of the photo, would be Buchanan’s Shoe Shop. Does anyone else remember getting there shoes there, and using the X Ray machine , to check that there was enough room for your feet to grow for about 6 months. Happy days. The view has not really changed despite the passing of 60 odd years

  5. Anonymous

    I had my ‘crombie’ coat made to measure in Hepworth’s in 1970. Also the Royal Bank across the road. I made the stainless steel gates for the entrance in 1973. Fond memories.

  6. Anonymous

    I was a Saturday girl in Trueform shoe shop across and doon a bit fae Woolies think it is where the salvation army shop is noo. I remember the hot salted peanuts from woolies at the bottom of the escaltor.

  7. Anonymous

    No sign of the Mercat Cross,in the picture,Clydesdale bank used to be on corner of Randolph Street/High Street.Nationa CommercialBank was where McDonalds is now,Royal Hotel stood next to Wetherspoons.
    Woollies,was my favourite shop.

  8. Anonymous

    I remember it well, loved Woolworth going to the biscuit counter and asking for a penny worth of broken biscuits. There was a lovely lady called Lottie who served there. My sister worked there for years. Bella Bradley…great memories.

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