This photograph shows the very popular Brucefield Café which was on the corner o…

This photograph shows the very popular Brucefield Café which was on the corner of St Andrew’s Street and Hospital Hill. It’s now occupied by the Indian restaurant ‘Everest’.
Many other old photographs of Dunfermline can also be seen in the Local Studies Department in St Margaret’s House in St Margaret’s Street.



24 thoughts on “This photograph shows the very popular Brucefield Café which was on the corner o…

  1. Anonymous

    Used Togo there at lunchtime occasionally when I was at the high school Seem to remember loving their spaghetti on toast Don’t know why It seemed different from others

  2. Anonymous

    I worked there early 70′ s after school and Saturdays. I learned how to use the hot plates and the scary coffee machine, Loved the ice cream floats and range of chocolates and sweets they sold .

  3. Anonymous

    I remember it well and Bob Blackie’s bakery next door made custard cakes to die for…then next door to him was Jerry in the chip shop, a bag of chips and a pickled onion on the way home from the ballroom. Fond memories.

  4. Anonymous

    I remember the chip shop after 44 St Leonard’s Cub Scouts and walking up every Sunday from Pitcorthie to get the papers, cigs for Mum and something from the butchers. Early 70s.

  5. Anonymous

    I remember it well great place to go with palls opposite was coop chemist then Baglows hairdresser where my mum worked then punters news and general store and a Butchers can’t remember the name? Blackies baker used to deliver morning rolls. Great times.

  6. Anonymous

    70 years ago remember going to the chippie on the other side of St Andrews Street a couple of times a week to get black puddins and white puddins and fish and chips for grandad. The only icecream I can remember was in cones and it never lasted the journey home. Delicious.

  7. Anonymous

    Working in guys and dolls as an apprentice hairdresser,everyday getting a list from the girls for food for lunch time ..carrying empty juice bottles towards paying for it ..embarrassing or what .I was 16 years old ! Xx

  8. Anonymous

    OMG, I spent every penny I had in there, me and Pauline Banning used to go in there when they added the little cafe for milkshakes, her mum worked there for years… such a variety of sweeties x

  9. Anonymous

    Very nostalgic Diane… living on St Andrews St. Frequented them all often. Papers from Young’s, mince from Mills & put on my Dad’s coupon at Baglow’s. Yes it served as more than a Barbershop…..

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