Full record for ‘HEATWAVE’ (7554) – Moving Image Archive catalogue

The following three minute silent clip shows Pittencrieff Park in Dunfermline during the heatwave of 1976.


Great archive footage showing the paddling pool, Divito’s ice cream van, the playpark and gardens of the Glen.

Full record for ‘HEATWAVE’ (7554) – Moving Image Archive catalogue



22 thoughts on “Full record for ‘HEATWAVE’ (7554) – Moving Image Archive catalogue

  1. Anonymous

    I had just left school in 1976 and was working in the Co-op supermarket. At lunchtime I used to go down the Glen to read and sunbathe. I used to get mad if my favourite spot was taken!

  2. Anonymous

    i love this video just goes to show how much has changed over the years im not from dunfermline originaly and born in ’79 but to see that people felt safe to let their kids walk about, play in water without worrying about someone saying their child should have clothes on or they shouldnt do this or that .. people looked happy and content .. and from what i could see no police in sight! lovely video likes xxx

  3. Anonymous

    So many memories the big Shute and the paddling pools. What going tae the glen was all about. All that was missing was dancing on the bandstand and playing in the train ☺️

  4. Anonymous

    Yup, things were definitely a lot simpler in those days. I was sad to leave Dunfermline in 1976. Like everywhere else there were good times and not so good but looking back, a very happy childhood. I miss the old town. P.S. Anyone here in the 39th Fife Scout Group?

  5. Anonymous

    I note the film description says Dunfermline Public Park but of course it’s Pittencrieff Park also known as ‘The Glen’! The Public Park if of course a whole different ball game.

  6. Anonymous

    I was quite happy watching this when at 1:04 seconds I see a boy I believe to be me going down the slide. I had to pause several times and have asked loads of friends and relatives who all think it’s me. No recollection of being filmed at all. Compare a still from the film with me below.

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