This photograph shows Queen Anne School in the Gala Parade of 1948 or 1949. The …

This photograph shows Queen Anne School in the Gala Parade of 1948 or 1949. The Gala Parade was held on the last Friday of Civic Week in June and meant a day off school. Until 1958 children from secondary schools were included. Almost the entire population of Dunfermline turned out to watch the parade with offices and shops closing as the procession made its way from the Public Park to Pittencrieff Park.



24 thoughts on “This photograph shows Queen Anne School in the Gala Parade of 1948 or 1949. The …

  1. Anonymous

    I was in first year at Dunfermline High and should have taken part in the final Gala in which secondary schools took part. Unfortunately, due to heavy rain the gala was called off. I was very disappointed. Still enjoy watching the gala parade every year.

  2. Anonymous

    I said earlier that I carried that banner in the mid 50’s. John Manson was the head. I also carried the banner for Pittencrieff school. Mr Stevenson was the head.

  3. Anonymous

    Gala days were Fab. In those days every pupil got a bag for lunch, Sausage roll, sandwich, crisps, cake and juice, all provided by the Co-operative. Changed days, now your lucky if half the pupils turn up.

  4. Anonymous

    I went to St Leonards and then Dunfermline High from 1951 to 1961 (i think lol). I remember the Galas every year and then onto “the Glen”. Do you remember the flower shows at the pavilion in the Glen? I remember growing daffys an hyacinths and I also remember being in a play to. I left to come to Australia in 1962 at 16 . I didnt want to go and even tho i was 16 years, in those days you had to do what your parents told you to do!! I still get so homesick but have never been home. 🙁

  5. Anonymous

    Sunday best clothes chanting your school is best while marching then games in park with parents and friends lunch in abox then halfway through afternoon you got to go home early finish from school it was great xx

  6. Anonymous

    2,4,6,8 who do we appreciate ……….. Anyone remember this trying to be louder than the other schools very proud to walk behind your school banner

  7. Anonymous

    Was at McLean School in the late 40’s and remember being marched from there to the Public Park to assemble there before then marching to the Glen!

  8. Anonymous

    I was at Pitcorthie Primary from 1959 to 1969 and remember the Gala days with fondness. Always got new shoes that seemed to always hurt!. It seemed so exciting and finishing off in the Glen was magical. If only I had a time machine!

  9. Anonymous

    i remember meeting my aunt Jean,Helen and Jaqueline and all the cousins for lunch in a Stephens box.

    Swopping penguin biscuits for sausage rolls etc

    Strange how i only recall marching in the sunshine from the public park to the glen.

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