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  1. Anonymous

    Fantastic, Dunfermline used to be such a great place to shop, could spend all day shopping having lunch, down the Glen then Tea, and ending the day at the Pictures, such were the days.

  2. Anonymous

    Fab footage of Dunfermline. Great times had in the glen as a youngster. Loved the paddling pools and the mock road system where we rode around on our bikes pretending we were on the real roads. Those were the days! A bustling High Street….. with a variety of shops…. Bought my first three piece suite for £199.99 from Grants! Happy days.

  3. Anonymous

    Brings back very happy memories from when I was a wee girl loved our gala days marching done the high street to the Glen an our picnics.good auld days .I miss them so much .

  4. Anonymous

    I used to frequent Scott’s the butchers when they did their ribs. In fact when I lived in England I would come back to visit and go back with racks and racks of ribs for all my friends down south.

  5. Anonymous

    Brings back some nice memories. Dunfermline when it was a good old bustling town, not the so called modern day city it is made out to be now… what a joke!!

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