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  1. Anonymous

    Married my wife who was born near Dunfermline she now lives with me in South Yorkshire we go back to visit Dunfermline so that she can charge her batteries, I being a Yorkshire man loves Scotland and I enjoy visiting

  2. Anonymous

    Born in Dunfermline 53 years ago. This clip brings back so many memories. My Mum worked security at Woolies. I moved to the US at 15, but I’ll be back in July.

  3. Anonymous

    Was born in Dunfermline in the 50s lived in Rosyth had walked many a time to Dunfermline with my sister. Went to the Kinema ballroom saw lots of famous groups. Then left home in 1968 but go home to visit an uncle. I remember the town when it had all the shops. Even though it’s not the same now we still like to reminisce.

  4. Anonymous

    Already got my tickets, Really can’t wait for it, Will be amazing to see a lot of the old Dunfermline I never got he chance to see as I wasn’t even born.

  5. Anonymous

    Born in Dunfermline 1958. Went to St Columbus School.Rumblinngwell Worked in Milesmark hospital, West Fife Hospital before I left came down to Leeds. Seacroft Hospital. Use to love Dunfermline visited very frequently until recently. Loved the Belville and Ballroom when I was younger.

  6. Anonymous

    That’s brilliant. I remember so much more of Dunfermline in the early 80s than I thought. Jeezo it was busy. One abiding memories was always those wooden temporary walkways at the side of buildings in the high street, the high street was so busy back then. Look at it now…half derelict…the amount of empty shops particularly down towards the city chambers is unreal. We were lucky then cos we had the store down that end so that was an attraction itself…the city chambers is an impressive building…thought the city thing was a more modern idea of revival. But we are a city only in name.

  7. Anonymous

    Remember the coop with my family picking out Christmas presents and the old boots just down from it then going to Woolworths back in the 80s omg how much I can remember of it all lol

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