Photograph of Izatt Avenue housing estate, to the south of Dunfermline High Scho…

Photograph of Izatt Avenue housing estate, to the south of Dunfermline High School, which was built just after World War 2. The terraced houses with their own front and back gardens proved very popular. Dunfermline’s Maternity Hospital was built there as well just before the war and is now the site of a Business Centre.



22 thoughts on “Photograph of Izatt Avenue housing estate, to the south of Dunfermline High Scho…

  1. Anonymous

    I was brought up here back in the 50’s till 70’s and this is just how I remember it. We spent many happy hours on the green playing mummies & daddies, cops and robbers, tig, cowboys and indians, you name it we played it. The only thing that really came up the road was the bus and the milkman, vegetable man and their horse and cart. i had the job of standing in the close waiting for them to pass and run out and scoop up the manure for the garden and if I get there before the guy across the road I got 3d…fond memories

  2. Anonymous

    Lived in Johnston cresent from the age of 10 until I married at 18, then moved round the corner and spent 40 years there until 2 years ago. Many happy memories in Izatt Avenue!!

  3. Anonymous

    my 3 kids were born up the road at the Maternity hospital as well. I always remember going to Evelyns after delivering Blackies morning rolls and we would sit in the kitchen with the oven on to warm our feet while enjoying a roll with butter. We were only 13-14 at the time and still had to go to school after being up at 4am…………..and yes Betty was our neighbour too and her dad always sent her out to get the manure foir his garden. These were the days but really fun!

  4. Anonymous

    Know it well my Nana Molly Woods lived literally in the centre of the photo next to Esther Wilson. I lived there in 1974 for a while when we returned to Dunfermline from Yorkshire. Played football and had a few scrapes on that green. Moved to Hutchison green early 1975.

  5. Anonymous

    I remember the many new houses that were built in Dunfermline in the early 50s and how excited and optimistic people were at that time – war over, rationing ending, a new Queen, the coronation, full employment…

  6. Anonymous

    I was born at number 74.. My best mate Christine Wilson & I had loads of laughs in that square… Anyone remember Mrs blackie she’d always be saying you “can’t” play there on the grass get up your own end & play .. Ha ha

  7. Anonymous

    Hi James this photo brings .back lots of memories that is were I spent my school holidays with Arthur and Jenny my dad and Agnes loved it there i remember Jenny son David and there lodger cannot r ember his name those were the good old days

  8. Anonymous

    It’s really good to see these photos,brings back so many memories,I nearly hit that phone box one morning on my way to work when my brakes failed.Remember poor old Rosie Morgan?

  9. Anonymous

    My friends stayed all around here , we had brillants . We used to play skipping with all the kids in the street . I can remember my friend Ann’s birthday and everyone came out there house to egg her and throw flour over her lol those were the days x

  10. Anonymous

    I lived at no 46 from 1969-97.had great times playing at swing park with johannah Kelso,elaine white & many others in the 70’s
    My dad’s still there & Auntie Annie Moyes lives at no 37

  11. Anonymous

    Great memories! My mum lived in the corner here on the left. Can’t remember the number. Edna Jubb (nee Maule) There was myself, Donald, Cynthia and Janet and later (1963!!) I lived further up also on the left. Anybody who wants , I would love to hear from you Colin Maule

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