This photograph is of the junction of Pittencrieff Street, William Street and th…

This photograph is of the junction of Pittencrieff Street, William Street and the Coal Road on the way out of Dunfermline towards Crossford around 1960. All the properties were eventually demolished except the three-story block of flats, and traffic lights were erected to improve the junction and decrease the amount of accidents that took place there. The work was part of a scheme to make Pittencrieff Street into a dual carriageway, though the plans for this were never put into effect.


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  1. Anonymous

    The building on the left was my mum and dads shop. I remember helping my late dad putting up the walls ice cream sign. Across on the other corner was Alexanders shop. The road on the right is William Street , where we lived for many years in No16. Demolished now. Only had to walk round the corner to Pittencrieff primary school. Tony Russell I rememer Jacksons very well. Lesley Ann Davidson the family Lyon were the keepers of the Glen tavern in the very early 50’s. That whole area was my playground. Anyone remember the road traffic teaching area, with pedal cars, and tricycles. I remember its opening.

  2. Anonymous

    Sure enough, glad they put lights there as twas accident prone allright. My Da drove the works van every day for over 8 months, then one morn he gave anothr builder a turn driving. That morn on the way out to work, the van was side smashed..the other builder drivin was killed at that very crossroads, the van was catapulted 200m SW into a field, my Da woke wi the upper third oh his ear chopped off. Scary stuff

  3. Anonymous

    My parents had a little house on William Street in 1956, the year I was born, and they had to move out as the house was to be demolished to widen the road. It has not happened to this day! That was 60 years ago!

  4. Anonymous

    Used to deliver morning and evening papers from Mason’s shop in Bridge St all round this area, from Grieve St right to the very end of Pittencrieff St

  5. Anonymous

    I remember Alexanders as a grocery shop where I used to buy ! penny worth of broken biscuits The shop across the road belonged to two women and was called Benttes For a while there was slso a shop on the opposite corner that sold fish but I can’t remember the name

  6. Anonymous

    we got brought up by my gran and di who lived next to jacksons coachbuilders .I remember the shop on the right run by the robertsons.further down the street was a shop run by granny steele

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