To win a £25 voucher to spend in ‘Cafe Fresh’ and a copy of the ‘Old Dunfermline…

To win a £25 voucher to spend in ‘Cafe Fresh’ and a copy of the ‘Old Dunfermline’ DVD that is on sale in the Kingsgate Centre outside Debenhams until Xmas Eve, in ‘Cafe Fresh’ and also online on, simply like this photograph. The winner will be announced on Friday 18th December.
The photograph shows Fraser and Carmichael’s warehouse that distributed groceries to shops and businesses throughout Scotland. The company also owned the City Hotel and Maclay’s brewery in Alloa. The premises were demolished in 1973 allowing visitors an uninterrupted view of Dunfermline Abbey.


24 thoughts on “To win a £25 voucher to spend in ‘Cafe Fresh’ and a copy of the ‘Old Dunfermline…

  1. Anonymous

    My Auntie and friend worked in Fraser and Carmichaels. My Auntie stayed across the road In the top flat. We used to go and visit her and got some sweeties as she worked in the confectionary dept. Happy days.

  2. Anonymous

    So the only reason they demolished it was to provide a better view? Seems a tad wasteful. Excellent views of the abbey can be had from any number of other vantage points!!!

  3. Anonymous

    Kenn Nyw Att view of the kirkgate, the building straight ahead is now the grass area where the benches are. See the sign for the old Old Police Station at what is now “The Old Inn”

  4. Anonymous

    Left school with a school chum (Cath Hunter) walked in to the building got interview and we both got jobs in the offices, but sadly it was for 6mths until it closed, loved the place dark and dreary but it had character they sold everything, remember at Easter they had a show in the City Hotel for the buyers, you got your butter and cheese orders on a Thursday if I remember right and getting the hoist up (no lifts) wi Eddie to the Confection dept, happy days.

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