This photograph shows the bus stop opposite the site of the Kinema picture house…

This photograph shows the bus stop opposite the site of the Kinema picture house and outside Johnsons nightclub, previously the Belleville Hotel. The area is now the entrance to the service deck of the Kingsgate Centre.



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  1. Anonymous

    At one time it was a very busy stop. I have old timetables showing a bus every 5 minutes all afternoon to Abbeyview via Cottage Inn and Whitelaw Road, one every 10 min to Woodmill Road via Wedderburn Street (before that was joined on to the Townhill service and even Izatt Avenue had one every 15 mins in the afternoon. Occasionally a service also ran to Halbeath (having started in Wellwood). Country buses drove past the stop in the years when such things were just matters of common knowledge and didn’t need registered at the Traffic Commissioners like now.

  2. Anonymous

    I used to go to brownies in the st Andres erskine church & get the bus back to abbeyview from there to the terminus at Trondheim parkway, used to cost me 1p for my bus fare

  3. Anonymous

    The lane at the side of the Belleville (Youth Centre in “my” day) used to lead to Canmore Primary School. The building partly obscured by the bus was a school clinic and domestic science class rooms for Queen Anne School. The upper part was one of the halls of Erskine Church. Brings back many memories! 🙂

  4. Anonymous

    That would be at the time I worked as a bus driver..The bus was a Leyland National..I used one on the 74 centre to Abbey View loop..
    One day my regular bus broke down & I was given an older bus..which had a bus blind with places other than the regular places on it..the regulars knew me as “their” driver,paid there fare & off we went..
    I put Blackpool up on the front & did four runs before an inspector got on & gave me row!!..

  5. Anonymous

    The lane up the side of the Belleville led to St Margarets Primary school which was where I started school in 1968. There were I think P1-4 and P5-7 were somewhere nearer St Margarets church I think

  6. Anonymous

    It seems like several parts of my life pivoted around that bus stop. I went to The school down the close, went to Kinema picture house, played in the Belleville, went the ballroom and usually caught a Whitelaw Rd bus home from there, or sprinted down to the New Row to catch the Woodmill bus.
    I often met my dad there on his way home from Comrie pit.
    A familiar spot indeed. My back probably leaned against that wall more than any other.

  7. Anonymous

    Just ‘up the close’ between Johnsons & the building behind the bus was the girl’s entrance to my Primary School – Canmore. The boys entrance was round the corner in Reform Street.

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