Photograph of the junction of the High Street and the New Row taken in 1955. It …

Photograph of the junction of the High Street and the New Row taken in 1955. It shows the variety of shops on either side of the New Row that once included the likes of Goldbergs, The Hobby and Model shop, the specialist wine shop of D. I Hunter, the Co-op and the radio workshops of James Scott and co.
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24 thoughts on “Photograph of the junction of the High Street and the New Row taken in 1955. It …

  1. Anonymous

    I took my Portable record player to Scotts workshop for repair I would have been 13yrs old traveled by bus from Crossgates it was the late 50’s remembered they were very friendly and helpful and did a good repair, happy days.

  2. Anonymous

    Many years after the hobby shop closed I was asked to do a job there. There were a few models still there and owner said take anything you want as they are all broken or missing parts, I got an old Tamiya model. I carried it about for me for years always thinking that one day I would build it and find the missing parts. By the time I did get round to building it I couldn’t see the heads of the screws, they were so small, so I decided to sell it. Went on the internet and sold it for a tidy profit as it turned out to be a vintage collectors model but it still makes me keep a memory of the model shop and all the things I bought there including my fishing tackle, which I still have.

  3. Anonymous

    Sorry but it was not 1955 this picture was taken as David Grays shop is in the picture. That used to be The New Row Library that closed in1963. My late wife worked there till it closed.

  4. Anonymous

    Got several Scalextric cars from the Hobby shop when our kids were younger, in the years shortly before it closed. Always sad to see a hobby shop go, but I think the owner was retiring and his daughter didn’t want to take it on.

  5. Anonymous

    It was a great place to visit in the 50s, proper ice cream, a walk through the Glen and a ride home on a bouncy old bus round Loch Leven on a summer’s evening! Aaahh

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