This photograph shows the junction of Wedderburn Street and Blacklaw Road in 195…

This photograph shows the junction of Wedderburn Street and Blacklaw Road in 1952. Abbeyview housing estate, the largest in Dunfermline at that time, took 20 years to build. Although the scheme looked good on paper, no consideration had been given to the contours of the area, which resulted in shops and community facilities being built on the top of the hill with steeply terraced streets running down into the steep valleys on either side. However it provided a degree of luxury in a period when people had been used to housing with outside shared toilets, no baths, hot water or central heating, and proved very popular.


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  1. Anonymous

    Still looks the same pretty much. The hills were a killer, if you lived in Wedderburn Crescent you had a steep climb up Devon and Tay Terrace to get to the shops. I lived in Eden road then Whitelaw Crescent x

  2. Anonymous

    Igrew up in gorrie street just of old wedderburn street ,40s and 50s only went to Blacklaw road then was good times ,had air raid shelters in back gardens then .Happy days

  3. Anonymous

    I lived on Ochil Terrace and remember very clearly walking down to Pitcorthie Primary in the 70’s. The walk back up the hill was a killer though. 7 years up that hill. Character building I was told!

  4. Anonymous

    Lived at No.1 Wedderburn Crescent from age 6 in 1957 for 12 years. Was luxury at that time with lovely bathroom and electric fire. Had previously lived in Chalmers Street with outside toilet and no bath!

  5. Anonymous

    My mum was brought up in gellatly road she was born in 1954 she moved to Rosyth and other areas for many years and ended up back in gellatly road a few doors along from her child hood Home she has now been in her house 34 years she is only the 2 nd person to live in her house since it was built x

  6. Anonymous

    David Turner. I remember your dad being born in 183 Duncan Cresent, your Gran and Grandad then moved on to Izatt Avenue. Your great gran lived at 39 St Andrews street. Most of my Aunts and uncles lived in Brucefield, two on Wrdderburn Cresent, walking to Masterton woods was an adventure in itself, also the shows on the Rec park, oh happy days.

  7. Anonymous

    Michelle Duncan, was that Peter Johnstone who later marrid and moved to Tay terrace? If so, his dad was a great Union and labour stalwart at the dockyard if I remember correctly. Margaret Cockburn, any relation to billy Cockburn? Fred mayne, did you stay in tweed street? Andrena? Maiden name Rolland? If so, Mitchell your brother and me were great pales and played together often and had many a sleep over! As you say, great times.

  8. Anonymous

    I lived in Louise street, had a great childhood there. I remember going to Livingstones shop in Shaw street and Tennants shop on the corner of Whitelaw Road and Blacklaw Road. The bigger shopping was at the Co op in St Andrews street. Mitchell’s removals was by Tennants shop, and there was the hut that was St Ninians Church before the big one was built.

  9. Anonymous

    We moved into Pentland Terrace brand new house with tradies still working on outside of house. I went to Blacklaw then Picorthie Primary before attending Woodmill Junior High Schools. My pals and I like Margaret played in Masterton and Calais. Emigrated to Oz in 1965 but still come back regularly. Love visiting Fife.

  10. Anonymous

    i stayed at Bonnington place when i was young went to black law primary school. anyone remember my name lol, in the 70s. this photo is before my time but im sure the houses may still be the same

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