This very old image shows what is perhaps one of the best remembered places in D…

This very old image shows what is perhaps one of the best remembered places in Dunfermline for many people-the paddling pool in Pittencrieff Park-or the Glen as most people knew it as.
Copies of ‘Old Dunfermline’ DVD’s can be bought online at More old images of Dunfermline can also be seen in the Local Studies Dept at St Margaret’s House in St Margaret’s Street.



21 thoughts on “This very old image shows what is perhaps one of the best remembered places in D…

  1. Anonymous

    Those were great days. No health & safety issues. Parents kept eyes on kids. No vandalism or kids roaming the streets at night. Well off parents and spoilt kids have ruined all this.

  2. Anonymous

    Linda (Fairnington) Nuttall had a great time at the pool with my sister never forget the Gala the Glen was where we met friends and roamed all ovet pure bliss still enjoy a walk through.

  3. Anonymous

    Loved the paddling pool both there and the Beveridge Park. Also at Dunfermline was the maze and the animal pet centre with very exotic animals such as snakes and monkeys….

  4. Anonymous

    I remember going to the road safety park at the bottom of Pittencreiff Street as my aunt lived just up the road from it. In those days you could roam about freely and in safety.

  5. Anonymous

    It was a disgrace that this water feature was filled in thus preventing a summer pastime enjoyed by countless kids over the years. H&S issues such as seagull’s poo etc did mean that there had to be a change of plan but was it beyond the wit & wisdom of The Carnegie Dunfermline Trust who own the park or Fife Council who administer it and pay for the upkeep to come up with a solution that pleased the public? Go to The Kelpies or Disneyland and see the “Dancing Water” features where fountains come out of random holes at different times and see the kids enjoying this. Shame on The Trust/Council for their lack of vision.

  6. Anonymous

    Spent many a day splashing about here and the hot houses instilled in me a life long obsession with Cacti and tropical fronds. Thank you Dunfermline Glen, you shaped my life!

  7. Anonymous

    Myself as a child and my three children all played in this wonderful paddling pool and then the ‘new’ one next to it which was built later. Health & Safety with something such as this – has today’s children missing out on so much fun, when they visit the Glen.

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