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  1. Anonymous

    In 1960 we rented the top flat of 44 Gardner Street (from Ferguson the coal merchant and market gardener) facing the top station we remember when late one night a train whistle got stuck and it blew for a long time we still had to get up and go to work next day great memories

  2. Anonymous

    Brings back happy memories for me. My Dad was a train driver and as kids we were always on trains courtesy of his ” passes” which were awarded to British Rail staff.

  3. Anonymous

    I remember feet n co n what everyone wants brilliant also the birds in the glen old Dunfermline u had snack bar u miss it liked and shared I’d treat my husband graham Kinnell Xxxx

  4. Anonymous

    I remember as a child,my mum allowing me to take my wee brother on the train….steam train from Oakley to Dunfermline. Special moments. I was devastated when Beecham axed our railway station.

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